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VAC4373 - Senior Manager, Global Sustainability & Impact

Division Group Sustainability & Impact
Location Dubai, U.A.E.
Closing Date 12-Nov-2019
About the Business

DP World is a leading enabler of global trade and an integral part of the supply chain. We operate multiple yet related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, maritime services, logistics and ancillary services to technology-driven trade solutions.

We have a portfolio of 77 operating marine and inland terminals supported by over 50 related businesses in 40 countries across six continents with a significant presence in both high-growth and mature markets. We aim to be essential to the bright future of global trade, ensuring everything we do has long-lasting impact on economies and society and creates a better future for everyone.

Our dedicated team of over 37,000 employees from 110 countries cultivate long-standing relationships with governments, shipping lines importers and exporters, communities, and many other important constituents of the global supply chain, to add value and provide quality services today and tomorrow.

We make sure cargo keeps moving so people have the things they need, when they need them, helping economies grow and nations prosper. It’s an important job, and one that requires smart, proud, passionate people working all across the world – people who are not afraid to innovate and find new ways of driving our business forward. We foster a culture of collaboration, innovation and respect. Our global workforce is made up of 45,000 people with over 110 different nationalities who bring their experience and expertise together, allowing us to be a global leader.

By thinking ahead, foreseeing change and innovation we aim to create the most productive, efficient and safe trade solutions globally.


About the Role

Responsible for driving the global Sustainability strategy by setting the relevant plan, target and KPI’s. in addition to establishing and managing effective sustainability content and programmes addressing the interests of internal and external stakeholders that delivers and provides credible proof points for the new brand purpose and image.


Key Accountabilities
  • Strategy:
  • Develop and maintain a globally integrated sustainability strategy which provides proof points for the brand purpose to help the company become more transparent to key stakeholders
  • Develop relevant specific programmes that addresses gaps identified in stakeholder engagement eg Human Rights, Land Acquisition & Resettlement
  • Manage and engage a wide range of internal and external key stakeholders including but not limited to customers, NGOs, media, governments, employees and communities where DP World operates. 
  • Obtain support for the strategy including leadership involvement, communication, media relations, partnerships, sponsorships, philanthropic commitments, speaking platforms, social media and measurement. 
  • Integrate sustainability into employee value propositions



  • Plan and monitor the progress of agreed sustainability strategy and projects to ensure completion on time and within budget.


  • Drive an effective and cost-efficient execution of the plan, through:  
  • A clear stakeholder engagement framework with both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Drive alignment and support among internal stakeholders for the company’s sustainability goals
  • To raise DPW’s voice and visibility on sustainability issues and build allies among a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Lead external communications, projects and initiatives to help the company become more transparent to key stakeholders (DJSI, Annual Report)



  • Establish and manage an internal dashboard to monitor and measure performance, and progress of programmes and engagement objectives against targets, KPIs and cost. The dashboard should also include a measure of the impact of the sustainability related activities.

Tactical Responsiveness:

  • Maintain the ability to respond to unplanned changes, including:
  •  ‘Crisis management’ like response to natural disasters (LET) or sensitive trade issues like illegal wildlife trafficking (UFW)


Continuous Improvement:

  • Encourage and nurture a culture of innovation designed to:
  • Achieve higher rankings in global sustainability indices – DJSI World Index
  • Test and validate new approaches to sustainability
  • Highlight best practices and innovative solutions
  • Improve individual and collective professional skill-sets in sustainability communications



  • Applicable if role has direct or indirect reports - responsible for the management and leadership of an engaged team, promoting collaboration and ensuring that each is developed and evaluated against goals and objectives which are aligned, specific, measurable, attainable yet challenging, realistic and time bound.
  • Act as an ambassador for DP World at all times when working; promoting and demonstrating positive behaviours in harmony with DP World’s Founder’s Principles, values and culture; ensuring the highest level of safety is applied in all activities; understanding and following DP World’s Code of Conduct and Ethics policies
  • Perform other related duties as assigned 


Qualifications and Experience

In order to give credible support to the organisation and be successful in this role, the ideal candidate will have the following:


Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field, for example business management, sustainability, public administration. 


Minimum 5 years on the job experience in a relevant field.

Sustainability Literacy

  • Aware of emerging environmental and social trends, and the risks and opportunities they create for business.  
  • Fundamental understanding of the changing role of business in society, how peer organizations are responding and available methods to revise business models.

Sustainability Communications:

  • Substantive knowledge in multiple areas of communications to ensure effective oversight of editorial, marketing, media relations, social media, creative and design, and production to international audiences.
  • Strong understanding of social media and digital communications and the changing nature of media, communications, and marketing in regards to sustainability

Programme Management

  • Experience of being the principle lead in driving and leading sustainability programmes in partnership with other organisations
  • A track record delivering sustainability initiatives with demonstrable results
  • Proficient in managing and analysing large quantities of (global) sustainability data. 

Change Management

  • Numerous “soft” skills such as communication, facilitation, consensus building and networking
  • Ability to communicate financial viability and return on investment to enable change.
  • Ability to negotiate, influence and at times direct senior leaders and high profile individuals
  • Ability to influence and negotiate at all levels within an organisation.
  • Able to support colleagues with problem solving and inspiring and motivating others.

External collaboration

  • Experience of managing multi-partner stakeholders, and navigating successfully in multi-lingual, multi-cultural environments.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop partnerships and manage relationships with external partners that yield significant value

Other Information

The employment benefits package is reflective of the location for this position.


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