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VAC4002 - Operations Manager

Division Operations
Location Yarimca, Turkey
Closing Date 31-Mar-2017
Purpose of this position:

To manage the operations of terminal and establish optimum resources to meet customer demands and contractual obligations.

Define strategies and plans to improve productivity and working environment of terminal vessel operations and manage complete vessel operations, gate & cfs transactions and planning activity to include ship, yard ,berth planning in cooperation with maintanence colleaugues thereby increasing the efficiency & effectiveness of all quay side resources (people & equipment) while adhering to terminal policies and procedures.

Manage employees, contractors, visitors and processes, adhering to safety and operating policies and procedures to ensure the smooth running of operations and equipment on the terminal and meet customer and business requirements;

Identify and facilitate the spread and adoption of operational best practices as appropriate to the business unit.

Experience & Qualifications:
  • Degree qualified.  Postgraduate in either MBA or Operations Management would be a bonus.
  • Commercial awareness of the Port industry;
  • Calm and controlled in all situations and effective problem solving skills;
  • Big picture thinker and able to challenge the status quo;
  • Ability to show achievements / experience of managing a similar operation is key criteria;
  • Excellent leadership skills and the ability to motivate staff and develop team commitment encouraging a performance culture that add value;
  • Encourages and seeks opportunities (for himself/herself and others) to improve, innovate and implement changes to support the business;
  • Excellent interpersonal, influencing and communications skills, due to close contact with senior management;
  • Communicates effectively with other people to get the job done;
  • Ability to collate and disseminate facts ensuring that the audience understands information being presented supported by high presentation proficiency to present the project in a variety of forums to different levels of business;
  • Ability to establish and clearly communicate best practice standards and practices in an industrial context;
  • Knowledge of best practice operational management business tools and techniques;
  • Effective systems skills – TOS, Excel, Word etc.; as well as report writing and excellent analytical skills;Understands the fundamental financial levers within the business and uses accounting concepts including measures of profit, marginal and variable costs, breakeven points and return on capital;
  • Demonstrates commercial and business acumen;
  • Able to generate financial plans, forecasts and budgets;
  • Effectively manages operational revenue and expenditure;
  • Understands systems and information management;
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of Container Terminal Operations utilising NAVIS technology;
  • Leverages knowledge to automate operational processes in order to maximise effectiveness;
    • To be responsible for all operational activities including vessel, berth, yard, gate and planning
    • Assist the top management in defining the quay strategy
    • Participate in the daily meetings to decide the berth allocation & crane assignment
    • Ensure adequate availability of all resources – people & equipment to execute the operational requirements on medium and long term basis
    • Track the ongoing vessel operations, investigate reasons for delays if any and take appropriate corrective measures
    • Coordinate with the Shift in Charge and ensure that the plans/documents essential  for the daily vessel operations are available, if not take up the matter with the respective departmental heads
    • Promptly attend to escalated unresolved issues which can impact vessel operations – e.g. request for more quay cranes, trucks etc.
    • Whenever needed facilitate the shifting of vessels if it can improve the vessel operations
    • In coordination with the Shift in Charge to ensure that the stowage for all scheduled vessels is appropriately planned
    • Discuss yard planning strategies with Vessel Operations personnel, analyse its impact on the vessel operations, identify possible corrective actions and make sure planning Department acts in line with the decisions taken.
    • Maintain an on-line, running seven day berthing plan, constantly updating it as changes occur. Berth planning to take account of commercial obligations.
    • Ensure the highest possible level of competency within the Terminal operations (gate, yard, vessels, cfs, planning etc)
    • Manages the terminal all operational areas; Gate, Yard, Vessels and Planning
    • Ensure all operations are managed in accordance with terminal policies and procedures, local legislation and regulations and customer requirements;
    • Determine best approach to serve the customers within the operation areas such as Gate, CFS, Planning, Yard
    • Make sure all information systems are used in operation run smoothly and efficiently to an hence operational effectiveness
    • Oversee alignment and implementation of change management activities with the mission, vision and values of DP World;
    • Work cross functionally to achieve synergy and co-ordinated effort;
    • Continually assess terminal performance and identify process improvement opportunities;
    • Draw on in-depth knowledge of the business and terminal operations to drive efficiency and reduce costs;
    • Manage the department’s financial budget, administrative, and personnel activities
    • Plan and set targets for different Vessel Operation’s personnel
    • Plan and monitor training programs for department personnel
    • Provide regular process control checks and initiate & support performance improvement activities
    • Develop, implement and enforce terminal operational policies, procedures, and guidelines in coordination with the general management organization
    • Represent the Terminal Operations Department including Planning and Gate & CFS Units at the scheduled review meetings with the Operation Director
    • Report departmental activities and Key Performance Indicators to the Operations Director
    • Administer & report incidents to Container Terminal Head and take corrective action
    • Analyse the accidents reported in container terminal and take necessary actions in coordination with Shift In charge, Planning Manager, Gate & CFS Manager
    • Incorporate these corrective actions into  standard operations procedures for future prevention
    • Motivate and encourage staff to achieve superior performance and reorganize achievements
    • Any other work deemed fit for structuring of tasks and goals, to achieve high productivity with efficient utilization of equipment and labour
    • Manage key stakeholder relations through effective communication and negotiation;
    • Lead the effort towards functional excellent in workforce planning and development;
    • Focus on the long term needs of the business when making workforce decisions;
    • Coach the team to improve their skills and knowledge and help them work efficiently and effectively and to manage future Operations team succession planning;
    • Responsible for Coordinating the Planning Manager, CFS and Gate Manager, Shift in Charges thereby ensuring that the collective  efforts are synchronized and directed towards common terminal objectives
    • Establish, organize, and maintain a high standard of working relationships with the terminal stakeholders, lines, agents, shippers, consignees, port authority, customs and other concerned parties
    • Ensure the liner agent, pilots and tug boats companies are timely informed about sailing time
    • Ensure effective coordination and communication within each section of Terminal Operations
    • Act as the key internal and external focal point for the company's operational activities
    • Accountable for productivity on vessel, yard gate, cfs and planning
    • Principal accountable for attrition rate of employees in Operation, Planning and Gate & CFS Departments
    • Safety KPIs:-
      • Zero fatalities;
      • Reduction in Lost Time Incidents (LTI), equivalent to or more than the minimum targets defined by Global Safety and Environment;
      • Reduction in equipment damages as defined by management;
    • Direct and drive performance management culture within the team ensuring that staff meet their targets in line with the business needs;
    • Lead, manage and motivate team in line HC policies and procedures to ensure they deliver services in line with expectations;
    • Coach the team to improve their skills and knowledge and help them work efficiently and effectively;
    • Selects and assigns staff, ensuring equal employment opportunities in recruitment, training and promotions.
    • Contribute to the continuous business improvement process and to the meeting of business objectives;
    • To be an ambassador for the company at all times internally and externally;
    • Comply with Fatal Risk Standards, Health & Safety Policy, HSSE Systems in force in DP World Yarimca and safe working practices, ensure responsibility for safety and discipline in work area and report accidents and ‘near misses’ in accordance with defined safety procedures; The above outlined responsibilities are not exhaustive and you may be required to carry out other tasks that are appropriate to your role in addition to these.
    The above outlined responsibilities are not exhaustive and you may be required to carry out other tasks that are appropriate to your role in addition to these.

Key Objectives:
  • Manage the container terminal operational resources to ensure the cost-efficient utilisation of labour and equipment to achieve optimum productivity and customer service;
  • Manage and minimise labour costs associated with operational activities by cost effective control and utilisation of labour resources;
  • Continually examine and review terminal operations with a view to recommending and implementing change to effect improvement and initiatives;
  • Make sure that gate & cfs manager ensures minimal error while handling transactions in line with port policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all CFS and gate activities has been invoiced and charged accordingly to the parties as per contractual norms.
  • Make sure of timely delivery of efficient and effective plans, to a level of quality that enables the highest level of productivity.
  • Ensure that company health and safety targets are met and that zero tolerance for accidents is maintained;
  • Ensure that employee relations are managed cooperatively without unnecessary confrontation;
  • Develop and implement operational procedures and policies, and assist in the development and implementation of policies which have a companywide impact;


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